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  1. Clint Lalonde
    June 11, 2014 - 11:11 pm

    So great to see the progress on this, Tony! And thank you for being an early adopter on the BCcampus PressBooks platform. I should say that by default Pressbooks does allow the kind of commenting that you are looking for. But we made the decision to disable the comments on the BCcampus version of Pressbooks at least for the time being. In a nutshell, the books in our collection have no owners – there are no single faculty assigned as the steward of the books in our collection, and the PressBooks books could be used by dozens of faculty at the same time independent of each other. We thought that could set up the possibility for confusion, so we disabled the comments. You are a bit of an outlier in our collection because the book is your book. You are watching your comments and you could respond to them. So, apologies that in this instance our version of Pressbooks isn’t meeting your needs. But the reason lies with our internal decision not to enable comments and not with the platform itself.

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