Kerres, M. and Nubel, I. (2005) ‘The status of e-learning at German higher education institutions’ in Dittler, U., Kahler, H., Kindt., M. and Schwarz, C. (eds.) E-Learning in Europe-Learning Europe Münster, Germany: Waxman


  1. Spot on! Re-usability (and correspondingly perishability) is a core outcome of Social Learning. As a mentor rather than being asked 10x for a single “knowledge object” or “item of expertise,” I can be asked once and the organization can refer to that knowledge nugget in an ongoing way. My expertise is shared, de-siloed if you will, and I don’t need to be “interrupted” to be asked the same question 10X. Informal Learning done right is like an ad-hoc support desk for sharing knowhow across the organization.Do let me know how I can assist you in your thinking and problem solving…David KoehnDirector of Product Strategy, Saba


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