eLearning Africa Date Announced
The 4th event in the series of eLearning Africa conferences and exhibitions will take place from May 27th – 29th, 2009 in the Senegalese capital Dakar. The Republic of Senegal is looking forward to welcoming the eLearning Africa community!

Call for Proposals Now Open
The Call for Proposals for the eLearning Africa 2009 conference programme is open. You are cordially invited to submit a proposal for a session, presentation, workshop or discussion.

Please send your proposal by December 5th, 2008, using the online submission form at www.elearning-africa.com.

You can send your suggestions on the following topics:

– Learning, eLearning and Pedagogy
– Designing eLearning Systems
– Sector Strategies
– Infrastructure and Access Solutions
– Capacity Development
– Content Development and Delivery
– Research, Monitoring and Evaluation
– Reaching the Education for All Goals
– Resource Mobilisation and Partnerships
– Policy and Planning

Call for Proposals ENGLISH

Soumissions de Contributions FRANÇAIS


  1. I have discovered that E-learning is a good programme you have started and indeed it will help many people who are on job and may not be able to join full time class. I CONGRATULATE this programme and now iam willing to join in Research Monitoring and Evauation under this E-Learning and wish to encourage my friends in Kenya to do the same.
    Thanks alot.
    Shem Ongori

  2. Spending 4 weeks on the continent of Africa- Kenya, Tanzinia, & Victoria Falls winter 2007/2008 and then 2 weeks in Eygpt summer 2008, made a life-long impact on me.

    My determination to open the eyes of my students to the world is stronger than ever. I teach at a regional university in southeastern
    Oklahoma. Most of my students are from rural settings. Our student population is made up of Native Americans, Anglo white, and African American.

    My university e-mail is grjohnson@se.edu.

    It is not just the poverty I witnessed, the lack of running water or clean water, or the children tending the goats at the age of four, for example, but a determination of the people to have a better life for their families and children that impressed me.

    For the most part, my students’ exposure to the world is nill. They marvel at the countries my husband and I visit in our travels.

    The general question is why? Why did you go there?

    How do I explain how travel opens your eyes and your heart?

  3. Elearning has proved to be one of the largest gathering for ICT practitioners , manufacturers ,educationists and researchers just to mention a few .

    Indeed this is a good thing for Africa where resources are limited especially when pursuing education in the developed world. You can now learn at home as you work, access vital information whenever you need it, though a lot more needs to be done in the rural villages of Africa.

    For those of us working with the rural communities establishing digital villages having such forums to exchange ideas is timely .


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