The Canadian Network for Innovation in Education is looking for a new secretary-general

After a number of years serving both CADE and CNIE, Anna Sawicki is coming to the end of her tenure as the CNIE Secretary-Treasurer.  At the 2010 Annual CNIE Conference in Saint John, New Brunswick, the organization will be welcoming a new Secretary-Treasurer.  This is a three-year commitment that will bring the incumbent both personal and professional fulfillment and Anna urges anyone who is interested to seriously consider serving our organization in this capacity.

The Secretary-Treasurer is a member of the Executive Committee of the organization and is an important advisor to the Board of Directors.  She has included some general information about the requirements of this position and would be more than happy to discuss what is involved with this commitment with anyone seriously considering running for Secretary-Treasurer.  She can be reached at .

CNIE Secretary-Treasurer

The Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining a clear and accurate record of the Official business of the Association, including:

The minutes of general meetings, special meetings and meetings of the Board of Directors
The correspondence of the Association
The financial records of the Association
The membership records of the Association.

Actual duties, in practice:

Serving as recording secretary to meetings, producing minutes and forwarding them to the Board of Directors in time for receipt and review prior to the subsequent meeting.
Ensuring that a quorum is present and motions and voting procedures are in order.
Preparing an annual budget for the Association, in consultation with the Secretariat.
Reviewing financial statements produced by the Secretariat; annual financial statements produced by the Secretariat and the statements prepared by the auditor.


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