Schaffhauser, D. (2010) U Arizona Team Seeks To Construct International Internet Classroom Campus Technology, January 6

Although this is an interesting and worthwhile project, I’m not sure how unique it is. I was under the impression that quite a number of schools in the USA were involved with schools in other countries in collaborative projects over the Internet. (If not, then I am shocked). Also, apart from providing some way of categorizing and organizing materials, which is needed, how does this project differ from other initiatives making use of open educational resources? We all know what happened to metadata-based learning objects – they died. Is artificial intelligence going to be the next cult for open content?

I’m just wondering how plugged in these computer scientists are to the world of education or if they are reinventing the wheel. I hope they keep up the good work but also talk to those on the educational side who have already been working in this area.


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