Whitton, N. (2010) Learning with Digital Games New York/London: Routledge

From the publisher’s blurb:

Written for Higher Education teaching and learning professionals, Learning with Digital Games provides an accessible, straightforward introduction to the field of computer game-based learning. Up to date with current trends and the changing learning needs of today’s students, this text offers friendly guidance, and is unique in its focus on post-school education and its pragmatic view of the use of computer games with adults.

The chapters are as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Recognizing the character of digital games
  3. Understanding the pedagogy of digital games
  4. Identifying types of digital games for learning
  5. Integrating digital games into the curriculum
  6. Designing a digital game for learning
  7. Assessing the impact of digital games on learning
  8. Using existing digital games for learning
  9. Developing new digital games for learning
  10. Evaluating digital games for learning
  11. Case studies (6)
  12. Conclusions

Nicola Whitton is a Research Fellow in the Education and Social Research Institute at the Manchester metroplitan University, UK. She has a web site: Learning with Digital Games

I look forward very much to reading this book and will post a review when I have done so.


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