I don’t often show commercials, but Corning’s ‘A Day Made of Glass’ set me thinking about how its vision for the future could inspire new forms of e-learning applications. (Thanks to Clayton Wright for directing me to this).

Would we merely transfer our current thinking to delivery on touch screens, or could we make use of advances in glass technology to increase learner interaction, new kinds of simulations, developing authentic virtual worlds, new forms of mobile learning, new tactile or haptic skills, or what else?

If this YouTube video prompts you to some new ideas about design for e-learning let me know.

In the meantime, I’m investing in Windex.


  1. Gorgeous, but … I love how elearning has the potential to make multi-media learning more accessible in remote and poor communities, by using mobile, low threshold technologies like XO laptops and smart phones. The technologies depicted in Corning’s ad are glossy and expensive and seem to me to promote a digital divide that we should be militating against.
    Belinda Allen, UNSW (Sydney)


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