Granada, viewed from the Alhambra

I am speaking on innovation in higher education at the EFQUEL conference this week in Granada, Spain. I will be speaking on the difference between disruptive and sustaining innovation in higher education, and (somewhat to my surprise) I will be arguing the case for sustaining innovation for universities. Slides from the presentation will be available later.

If you are attending the EFQUEL conference, and haven’t met me yet, please say hello – it’s always great to meet the readers of this blog and get your feedback.

I will also be taking some holiday in Spain, France and England, before returning to la belle Rouyn-Noranda in Québec to visit the University of Québec at Abitibi-Temascamingue, and will spend a week working in Ontario (mainly Toronto and Ottawa).

This means there will be some disruption to my usual blog service, I’m afraid. I’ve worked all through the summer, and need a break, to get over my summer paranoia! I have actually found two areas in Spain and France without Internet access for my vacation. I hope it doesn’t become addictive.

I also hope the higher education system in Canada will still be in place when I get back to Vancouver on October 6, although I am expecting some big changes in both Québec and Ontario while I’m away.

For everyone else, welcome back to university and college and keep up the great work of changing the system for the better.





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