June 21, 2018

Resources On Post-Secondary Distance Education


What is distance education?
A definition and a categorization of different types of distance education.

Distance education programs

There are thousands of programs available at a distance from many different institutions. In general, ‘buyer beware’ operates in this area. There are many poor quality and unscrupulous distance education programs which do not have accreditation or secure financial resources (and so may disappear overnight). I provide some guidelines for choosing distance education programs, and some sites that list programs which in general may be more reliable. However, you as a consumer must take responsibility for doing due diligence on the quality and reliability of the program. Click here for more details.

Tony’s favourite publications
Over the years I have built up a bibliography of articles on distance education. Here is the selected list of publications. It will be up-dated regularly.

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Routledge book series in Open Learning and Distance Education

ASF-Series on Distance Education (ASF, the center for research in distance education at Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg) serve the Master of Distance Education program

Journals on distance education
I provide a list of journals with brief information about each.

Review of research on distance education
In 2005, I did a review of research into distance higher education for UNESCO and the Commonwealth of Learning (McIntosh, C. (ed.) 2005 Lifelong Learning and Distance Higher Education Vancouver, BC/Paris: Commonwealth of Learning/UNESCO . You can access my chapter on research from this document (Chapter 11, pp. 133-150)
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Selected keynotes by Tony Bates

Selected publications by Tony Bates

Other resource sites on distance education
Recommended graduate programs on distance education
Other useful sites

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