June 22, 2018

Videos On E-Learning And Distance Education


Online Learning and Personal Change for Instructors

This set of YouTube videos from a faculty development session at Vancouver Community College in April, 2012 features two presentations, one from Gary Poole, of UBC, who focused on personal issues in dealing with change, and one from Tony Bates about the changes needed in post-secondary teaching: Technology Trends and the Courage to Adapt


Technology isn’t letting up. In addition to new technologies outside the LMS, such as blogs, wikis, e-portfolios, and mobile learning, now LMSs are undergoing some radical changes. What does this mean for the faculty member? In this session, we look at a few of the more significant developments, in particular how some instructors have incorporated some of these technologies, and suggest some simple steps or strategies for instructors to be innovative without getting overwhelmed by the changes in technology. Put simply, change takes courage – to step outside our comfort zones, to risk the uncertain, and to embrace the unfamiliar with our students. In this session, we will look at why change can be difficult, both individually and institutionally, with the hope that we can approach change more constructively and thoughtfully.

Learning Technologies @ UBC, 2005 (8 mins)

A vision for teaching and learning with technology in higher education. This video was made in 2000. To what extent has this become reality? What still needs to be done?
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The next group are ‘statements’ about the challenge we face as teachers in the 21st century.
A vision of students today (5 mins)
Michael Wesch and Kansas State University

Academia 2.0 (10 minutes)
Another from Michael Wesch and Kansas State University: a good statement of the challenge

Education Today and Tomorrow (2 mins 30 secs)
Sets use of educational technology within the needs of 21st century work

The iPhone in a university setting (approximately 15 minutes)
A vision from Abilene Christian University on the use of the iPhone for teaching and learning

21st Century Learning Preview (less than 2 mins)

A short video from Verizon about mobile learning at St Marys City Schools.

Education 2.0 (7 mins 19 secs)

Carlos Morales Socorro talks about the relationship between IT and problem-based learning (Spanish, with English sub-titles)

PLEs meet LMSs

An ‘animated’ chat about the differences between Learning Management System and Personal Learning Environment.

E-learning 2020

A Star Trek/StarWars spoof done by the Centre for Learning Technology at the London School of Economics. The vision is of a world where learning is not necessary; you just download it. Sounds like some of the lectures I went to at the LSE in 1960.

A day made of glass

Not strictly about e-learning, but Corning’s vision for the future of glass set me thinking about new designs for e-learning using touch screens and haptics.

Tony Bates: Interviews and Keynotes

The implications of Web 2.0 for teaching and learning

Keynote delivered by video-conference to conference at the University of Leicester, UK,  January 2008

Interview with Mike O’Donoghue of Lancaster University, U.K., 2006, 45 minutes
(recommend the audio version):

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Video version


  • strategic planning of e-learning
  • strategic use of e-learning
  • barriers to e-learning
  • is e-learning a useful term?
  • face-to-face vs online: how to decide?
  • why come to campus?
  • teaching skills for a knowledge-based society
  • exploiting IT infrastructure for administration
  • what’s the use of lectures?
  • training for professors in e-learning
  • my favorite technology and why
  • implications of Web 2.0
  • will all learning be through technology?
  • IT in schools vs IT in universities
  • do we still need teachers?

Centralised or decentralised distance education at dual mode universities?

This video interview with Tony Bates discusses the factors at play and the advantages and disadvantages of faculties being responsible for distance education, based on the experience of the University of British Columbia, which unsuccessfully moved to decentralise services in 2003. The interview was done for the University of Wisconsin 2009 Annual Conference on distance education.

The History of the Open University (14 minutes)

This video talks about the early days of the British Open University, and some key factors in its success. It was made for the University of Maryland University College’s OMDE 601.

Videos on using technology for teaching

This page provides access to videos about how to use technology for teaching in different subject areas (still under construction).

More videos on e-learning

Lastly, for many more videos on e-learning go to http://video.google.com/ and type in ‘e-learning’ in the search box

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