September 20, 2018

Latin American version of 10 Fundamentals of Teaching Online now available


Professor Selin Carrasco, of la Universidad de la Punta in San Luis, Argentina, has developed a Latin American version (in Spanish, of course) of the 10 Fundamentals of Teaching Online for Faculty and Instructors, originally published in English by Contact North.

The Latin American version is freely adapted and includes Latin American examples. It is available from here:

Carrasco, S. (2016) Guia Para La Enseñanza el Aprendizaje Online San Luis, Argentina: Universidad de la Punta

Contact North is publishing another version in Spanish which will be a strict translation. I will provide details when this is available.

Contact North has published a version in French which is available from here:

Bates, T. (2106) Les 10 fondamentaux de l’enseignement en ligne pour le personnel enseignant et de formation Thunder Bay ON: Contact North

NMC Horizon Report on new learning technologies for Latin America

The 2010 Horizon Report: Edición Iberoamericana, a Spanish language edition, is the result of a collaboration between the NMC and the Open University of Catalunya (UOC).  This report marks the first time that a Horizon Report has not only been written in, but entirely developed in a language other than English.  The report analyzes the potential of innovative technologies and reflects on trends and challenges specifically for Latin America, Spain, and Portugal. The six technologies named in this edition are collaborative environments, social media, open content, mobiles, augmented reality and the semantic web. The report has been released in Spanish, with English, Catalan, and Portuguese translations to follow.

Download the 2010 Horizon Report: Edición Iberoamericana [PDF, 360k]
Learn more about the 2010 Horizon Report: Iberoamerican Edition