July 20, 2018

About Tony Bates



Consultants in e-learning and distance education

Tony Bates Associates Ltd is a private company specializing in consultancy and training in the planning and management of e-learning and distance education. The company offers services to higher education institutions, NGOs and government agencies in the following areas: strategic use of learning technologies

  • planning and management of e-learning (including costs and business plans)
  • planning, management and organization of distance education
  • strategies for research into e-learning
  • evaluation, monitoring and review of e-learning and distance education operations

These services are available in the following formats:

  • site visits
  • reports (confidential or public)
  • keynote presentations
  • workshops or retreats for staff
  • articles, chapters and books for publication
  • individual consultation

Officers of the company

The main officers are Tony Bates (President and CEO) and Patricia Porter (company secretary).



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