July 16, 2018

International reports


[Note: This section of the site is currently under development. I will be adding countries as I find time]

Welcome to International Reports. In this section I provide a look at online learning and distance education in different countries round the world, based in most cases on at least one visit to the country. These reports are not meant to be comprehensive, and are more personal, but they do give a flavour of both the country and the state of online learning/distance education.

For each country, click on the tile for more details of online learning and distance education for that country. Each country page also contains a selection of the photos I’ve taken when visiting. When you click on each photo ‘thumbnail’ it will enlarge and there is a button on the side of each enlarged photo that will scroll you through each gallery. Enjoy!


I worked for four months in Afghanistan for UNESCO, unsuccessfully trying to establish a natioanl educational radio network. I worked in Kabul but I also travelled to Bamian in the north







I visited Argentina in 2013 to give a keynote at the RUEDA conference in Mendoza. I also spent several days in Buenos Aires, one of the great cities of the world.

Traditional dance and costumes

Traditional dance and costumes







In 2004, I was invited by the Brazilian Association of Distance Education to visit Brazil, and I travelled to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazilia and Manaus.


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