August 14, 2018

Tony’s Books


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Teaching in a Digital Age: Guidelines for designing teaching and learning Victoria BC: BCcampus, 2015

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Managing Technology in Higher Education: Strategies for Transforming Teaching and Learning San Francisco, Jossey Bass, 2011

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Technology, e-Learning and Distance Education London: Routledge, 2005

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(with Gary Poole) Effective Teaching with Technology in Higher Education San Francisco: Jossey-Bass/John Wiley, 2003

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No longer in print: for a copy contact me at

National Strategies for e-Learning in Post-Secondary Education and Training Paris: IIEP/UNESCO, 2002

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(with Rhonda Epper) Teaching Faculty How to Use Technology: Best Practices from Leading Institutions Westport, CT: American Council on Education: Oryx, 2001
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Managing Technological Change: Strategies for College and University Leaders San Francisco: Jossey Bass/John Wiley, 2000

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1984    (ed.) The Role of Technology in Distance Education London: Croom Helm

A Routledge ‘Revival’: available here

1995    Technology, Open Learning and Distance Education London/New York:Routledge

(winner of the UCEA Charles A. Wedemeyer award for the best book on distance education in 1995; also published in Korean (1997), by the Korean National Open University Press; published in Spanish (1999) by Trillas, Mexico. 

No longer in print. Technology, e-Learning and Distance Education is a later edition of the same book.


The following books are no longer in print. For a copy contact me at

1990    (ed.) Media and Technology in European Distance Education Heerlen: European Association of Distance Teaching Universities

1984    Broadcasting in Education: An Evaluation London: Constables

1978    (ed.) (with Gallagher, M) Formative Evaluation of Educational Television Programmes London: Council for Educational Technology

1977 (ed.) (with Robinson, J.) Evaluating Educational Television and Radio Milton Keynes: Open University Press

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