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  1. […] Tony Bates, mentor to our community, provided a short opening context-setting message and then circulated among the groups to hear the discussion and to pick up intel on the issues […]

  2. […] von Ausstellern. Wer einen nachträglichen Eindruck von der Konferenz gewinnen möchte, sollte den BLOG von T Bates konsultieren. Er hat dort, mit den Augen eines ausländischen Beobachters, seine […]

  3. […] [viii] Bates, Tony “Discussing design models for hybrid/blended learning and the impact on the campus” Online learning and distance education resources, moderated by Tony Bates, research associate, contact North. Contact North. Posted, may 8, 2013. Web. Accessed 2013-5-12 <; […]

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