June 18, 2018




Welcome to my personal site for resources in online learning and distance education. It is personal because it contains the resources I have found useful and interesting.

I focus mainly on resources associated with or relevant to post-secondary education. This site is meant as a resource for students, faculty and academic administrators interested in online learning. I also hope that policy-makers will drop in from time to time, as I deal with a number of issues that affect government and other funding agencies.

 The priority for all posts on this site is quality. All selected publications have been personally read either by me or by colleagues I trust. They are chosen for their relevance, and in particular to their value for teaching well with technology. I do NOT accept unsolicited guest posts.

There are two ways to use this site to find resources on online learning. The first is to do a ‘flat’ search, by putting in a keyword or phrase in the search box (top right, below the green banner). This will bring up, in chronological order, most recent posting first, all the posts that have been tagged with the words entered. The second is to do a ‘vertical’ search, by clicking Resources (top, in the banner), then ‘selected bibliography by topic‘, and then searching under the appropriate category heading. The flat search will bring up all postings relevant to the key word. The vertical search is more likely to lead you to a specific article or post.

This site is up-dated almost daily. If you would like notification of new postings, you can get regular notices of new posts by ‘Subscribing to post’ (top right-hand corner of this page), which will give you an RSS feed to your e-mail address, by checking your LinkedIn account, if you are linked to me, or by clicking ‘Follow Tony on  Twitter’, which will send you a (tiny) url for each new post plus the title of the post.

The site includes links to many resources, but I am always looking for new resources, other useful sites on online learning, and feedback, so don’t hesitate to use the interactive features of this site – or just send me an e-mail.

I also welcome appropriate comments on my posts, but the comments are screened and I reserve the right to refuse to publish any comment that I consider inappropriate.

Through this site you can also find further information about me and my consultancy work.

So – happy browsing!

This content is published under the Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported license.