March 23, 2018

Distance education in Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar -2004

Distance education in Mongolia Distance education in Mongolia

Distance education in Cuba

A revolutionary tank at the Universidad de Havana

Distance education in Cuba Distance education in Cuba

Distance Education in Afghanistan

Kuchi family near Bamian

Distance Education in Afghanistan Distance Education in Afghanistan

A personal view of e-learning in Saudi Arabia

A mosque in Arar, Northern Saudi Arabia

A personal view of e-learning in Saudi Arabia A personal view of e-learning in Saudi Arabia

South Africa

White rhinos in Pilanesburg

South Africa South Africa

This Month’s Featured Post

Should online learning strategy be decided centrally?

Kim, J. (2018) Looking at the Future of Online learning through an Institutional Lens, Inside Higher Education, February 19 This is an excellent article that discusses the ongoing saga of centralisation vs decentralization regarding online learning. Kim here is arguing, on balance, for a central institutional strategy for online learning. Similar discussions have been ongoing […]

Most Recent Posts

Meeting the challenge of online degrees for the professions

  Chatlani, S. (2018) Navigating online professional degrees - potential and caution, Education Dive, March 21 In previous posts, I have pointed out the challenges of getting online qualifications recognised by professional associations, for instance: Have we reached a tipping point in teaching science and engineering online? Online education and the professional … [Read More...]

Web discussion on the future of the distance teaching university

If you have an hour to spare and are interested in this topic, you can access a video of this webinar organized on March 5 by EDEN as part of Open Education Week. The recording can be accessed here. You will need to install Adobe Connect to replay the recording. Further details: Moderator: Mark Nichols, Open University, UK Speakers: Sir John Daniel, former Vice-Chancellor, UK Open … [Read More...]

The current madness in online learning: case no. 2

Baker, R. et al. (2018) Bias in Online Classes: Evidence from a Field Experiment, Stanford CA: Stanford Center for Education Policy Analysis, CEPA Working Paper  No. 18-03 Yesterday I ranted at the high costs in the UK of online programs aimed at part-time, working people. Today, I want to look at a recent study from researchers at Stanford University reporting racial bias in online … [Read More...]

The current madness in online learning: case no. 1

Coughlan, S. (2018) University offers science degree online for £5,650 per year, BBC News, March 6 If you want to know what the very opposite of an open higher education system is, look no further than that country of privilege, class, and isolationism called England.  This is a report of a new Bachelor of Science degree being offered fully online in the United Kingdom by one of my … [Read More...]

Virtual reality for midwives: an Australian example

Connolly, B. (2018) How virtual reality is transforming learning at the University of Newcastle, CIO, 8 March This article includes a couple of nice, short videos demonstrating the use of AR and VR in a University of Newcastle nurses' program in Australia. The first one, below, demonstrates the use for breech positioning and placenta replacement (click image to play): The second … [Read More...]

Videos from three ‘inspiring’ online leaders

Drexel University Online as part of its excellent Virtually Inspired blog has posted three videos of  'thought leaders' in online learning. You can find them here. Each video is less than 10 minutes in length The three are: Curtis Bonk Gardner Campbell and yours truly. If you are really into masochism, you might want to compare these with a video of 'three founding … [Read More...]

Assessing the dangers of AI applications in education

Lynch, J. (2017) How AI will destroy education, buZZrobot, 13 November I'm a bit slow catching up on this (I have a large backlog of articles and books to review), but this is the best critique I have seen of the potential dangers of AI applications in education. Don't be put off by the title - it's not totally anti-AI but thoughtfully criticises some of the current thinking about AI … [Read More...]