June 18, 2018

E-Learning Resources for Post-Secondary Education


What is e-learning?
A definition and a categorization of different types of e-learning.

Tony’s favourite publications
I found myself over the years building up a bibliography of publications on e-learning. Here is a selected list of publications. It will be up-dated regularly.

I would also encourage you to also use the web site’s search function as it is very thorough.  The search box is at the very right of the navigation bar on each page.

Routledge book series in Open Learning and Distance Education (which includes books on e-learning)
Jossey-Bass book series on Technology and Higher Adult Education

Journals on e-learning
There are very many journals on e-learning. I provide a list of e-learning journals and distant education journals with brief information about each.

Review of European research on e-learning
In 2006, I did a review of over 2,000 articles on research into e-learning published by European authors. I have summarized my conclusions about this research in a keynote presentation

Organizations doing interesting work in e-learning

This entry lists organizations that provide support for the use of information and communications technologies in post-secondary education. Many have their own journals and organize annual conferences, and provide professional networking and support for those interested in and/or using e-learning.

Recommended graduate programs in e-learning

Videos on e-learning and technology
This is a collection of videos about the implications of technology for higher education.

Audio and video presentations by Tony Bates [coming soon]

Selected keynote presentations by Tony Bates

Selected publications by Tony Bates

Resources on virtual worlds and games for learning, managed by Natasha Boskic

Resources on e-portfolios for learning, managed by Lourdes Guardia

Other resource sites on e-learning

  • qualifications in e-learning
  • resources for teaching online
  • open content
  • online programs and learning materials
  • resources for teaching English as a second or foreign language
  • other useful sites


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