October 20, 2017

Open source LMSs for small colleges: 3 cases

Briggs, L. (2010) Moving to an Open Source LMS: 3 Stories Campus Technology, April 7

This article describes how three small colleges migrated to either Sakai or Moodle from WebCT.

Trends in learning management systems

Lowendahl, J-M., Zastrocky, M., and Harris, M. (2008) Gartner Higher Education E-Learning Survey 2007: Clear Movements in the Market Stamford CT: Gartner Inc. (available only on subscription)

Briggs, L. (2008) Gartner: E-learning Market Pushing Toward Open Source Campus Technology, June 4.

Over one year old, but I needed the references up on my site.

Universities Use Collaborative Software To Share Classroom

Briggs, L. (2009) Universities Use Collaborative Software To Share Classroom Campus Technology April 1

An article about ClassSpot, an interactive multi-screen system for classroom teaching. ‘ClassSpot makes a classroom with one or more large public display screens interactive. Essentially, each of the large public screens in class can become collaborative devices, with students and faculty able to contribute and manipulate content on one or all of the public screens from their own computers. Each user’s computer screen can also become a collaborative device.’

Is this though another example of donkeys pulling steam engines? Why do students need to be in the classroom in the first place? What’s the cost?

The evolution of online student recruitment

Briggs, L. (2009) ‘The evolution of online student recruitment’ Campus Technology, Feb 19

An interview with Bob Johnson, about succesful online marketing for student recruitment. See also Bob Johnson’s blog