August 15, 2018

Tony’s Papers


Pdf copies of many of these papers are available for downloading. Others are available on request to but I would prefer you to get copies if the books, etc., if possible.

For papers before 2000, see full-cv

Chapters in books (since 2000)

2000 ‘Giving faculty ownership of technological change in the department’ in LUCAS, A. (ed.) Leading Academic Change: Essential Roles for Department Chairs San Francisco: Jossey Bass
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2001 “The Continuing Evolution of ICT Capacity” in Farrell, G. (ed.) The Changing Face of Virtual Education Vancouver, B.C.: Commonwealth of Learning
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2004 “The promise and myths of e-learning in post-secondary education” in Castells, M. (ed.) The Network Society: A Cross-cultural Perspective Cheltenham, UK/Northampton MA: Edward Elgar
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2004 “La planificación para el uso de las TIC en la enseñanza” in Sangra, A. y Gonzáles, M. (eds.) La Transformation delas universidades a través de las TIC: Discursos y Prácticas Barcelona; Editorial UOC

2004 ‘Technology and lifelong learning: myths and realities’ in Murphy, D., Carr, R., Taylor, J. and Wong, T-M. (eds.) (2004) Distance Education and Technology: Issues and Practice Hong Kong: Open University of Hong Kong

2005 ‘Online learning tools and technologies’ in Zhang, Weiyung (ed.) Global Perspectives: Philosophy and Practice in Distance Education, Vol. 2 Beijing: China Central Radio and Television University
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2005 ‘Charting the Evolution of Lifelong Learning and Distance Higher Education: The Role of Research’ in Macintosh, C. (ed.) in Lifelong Learning and Distance Higher Education Paris: UNESCO/Commonwealth of Learning

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2005 ‘Policy Issues and Challenges in Planning and Implementing E-learning in Teacher Education’ in Resta, P. (ed.) Teacher Development in an e-Learning Age: a Policy and Planning Guide Paris: UNESCO
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2006 with King, B. and Mallet, J. ‘Managing change for sustainability’ in Strategies for Sustainable Open and Distance Learning London/New York: Routledge/Commonwealth of Learning

2006 ‘Developing a strategic plan for e-learning in a polytechnic’ in Bullen, M. and Janes, D. (eds.) Making the Transition to e-Learning: Strategies and Issues Hershey, PA: Ideas Group
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2008 ‘Transforming distance education through new technologies’ in Evans, T., Haughey, M., and Murphy, D. (eds.) The International Handbook of Distance Education Bingley, U.K.: Emerald Press
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2010 ‘Understanding Web 2.0 and its Implications for E-Learning’ in Lee, M. and McLoughlin, C. (eds.) Web 2.0-Based E-Learning: Applying Social Informatics for Tertiary Teaching Herschey, PA: Idea Group Inc. Download pdf

Articles in journals (since 2000)

2000 “Shaking the money tree” University Business Vol. 3, No. 2

2000 “Teaching, learning and the impact of multimedia technologies” EDUCAUSE Review September/October

2004 ‘Supporting online learning’ Asian Journal of Distance Education Vol. 2, No. 4

2004 ‘Online learning: tools and technologies’ Distance Education in China

Published interviews

2010 eLearning progress in higher education: The voice of experience. elearningeuropa, January 18, 2010, interviewed by Silvia –Adriana Tomescu , Librarian, Central University Library Bucharest – Political Science Faculty Library.

see also: Videos on e-learning and technology

Other papers

2007 ‘A map of e-learning research’ A categorization of research in e-learning, on which the selected bibliography in this site is based

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