Sorry, but I couldn’t resist this: hey, why can’t I be as hysterical about this as the mainline media?.

Re.Vica has collected on one web page a whole set of online resources for how e-learning can be used to counter a Swine flu epidemic on campus. They note:

Experts (for example at the PPP SIG) advise that – in the still unlikely even that universities have to close (though it has happened in some countries in the southern hemisphere) – those universities will cope best who already have systems (VLEs, podcasting, social networking etc) in place to deliver and support e-learning at scale; but that it is too late to install systems to do this in the next few weeks – if only because of the staff training and support needed. Podcasting (including lecturecasting) is one of the ways that are useful but not the only or even the best way to use podcasting, especially in institutions with no tradition of using this approach.

My advice to avoid Swine flu: stay at home and read my web site. (OK, Swine flu might be better).


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