Watters, A. (2011) Why aren’t students using e-books? Mindshift, Nov 7

Some speculation on reasons why students aren’t using e-books following a survey by the library e-book provider eBrary, which found that students’ e-book usage has not increased significantly in the past 3 years, although consumer  e-book sales are up 160%.

However, according to the eBrary survey, “the vast majority of students would choose electronic over print if it were available and if better tools along with fewer restrictions were offered.”

The article provides a number of reasons for student resistance to e-books. Underneath all the reasons though is the failure of the commercial publishing industry to redesign to the needs of digital learning and their fear of losing what has been a very lucrative business model.

It’s just a matter of time before someone comes up with a better, alternative model that will eventually destroy the current publishing model, which I give five years at most.


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