This whole web site will be down for 24 hours between midnight (EST) Friday, 18 November and midnight (EST) Saturday, 19 November.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but normal service will begin on Sunday (20th). Saturday was deliberately chosen as there is by far the least traffic to the site on a Saturday.

The shut down is because the web site is moving to a new server and will be under different technical management.

You will also note some minor changes in colour and the header. I have partnered with Contact North, Ontario, who will provide full technical support for the web site and will also embed the web site in their portal. However, under the agreement I still retain full editorial responsibility, and full freedom to choose what I write about and how I write about it. Apart from the slight changes in graphics there should be no other noticeable difference. The url for the site, and all Twitter and RSS feeds, will remain the same. However, if you notice anything different that’s not working for you, please let me know.

The change was made after a lot of agonizing, but the site is becoming so large now that I’m really in need of institutional support to ensure it continues to grow. This arrangement results in minimal changes but provides financial sustainability for the site.

I want to pay special thanks to Robert Ouimet of Bigsnit Media, who designed the original site and has provided a fantastic service maintaining it over a period of rapid development. If you’re looking for a terrific web site and great service, he’s your man.


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