Santa Maria church, Piazza de Travestere, Rome

Go to Rome or sit at home and write blog posts? I’ve had harder questions to answer in my life. Of course, I could have gone to Rome and blogged, but c’mon, guys.

No blog posts? Been too busy. But I will post individual reports on the following over the next day or two (which will explain why I’ve been busy this last month):

As well as these events, I have read a thesis and examined a Ph.D. student at Simon Fraser University, and have been working on the report on learning technologies and flexible learning for a Canadian university  – and because the weather in Vancouver has been exceptionally beautiful these last three weeks, I’ve been out on the golf course whenever possible.

So this is my way of apologizing for not having posted over the last month.  (And many thanks to those who’ve contacted me recently who were worried because I haven’t been blogging – everything’s fine!).



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