Traditional dance and costumes
Traditional dance and costumes, Mendoza, Argentina

 From Tony’s Image gallery

There has been some maintenance and minor changes to this site over the last two weeks.

Image gallery

The biggest change has been to add a new feature, ‘Tony’s Image Gallery’, which can be found by clicking on ‘About Tony Bates’ on the top menu bar of the home page. This is meant as a ‘fun’ feature for those who have in interest in a particular country. I’ve added just two sets of photos so far, on Afghanistan and Argentina, but photos from other countries will appear shortly, as I find time to add them. All the photos are my own.

Social media

You should now be getting feeds of each new post through Twitter, LinkedIn and RSS, if you have signed up for any of these services.

You can sign up for a feed via Twitter by clicking on ‘Follow Tony on Twitter’ in the far right column. This will send you a short Tweet with a tiny url for the full post.

If you are on LinkedIn and have me as a connection, you don’t have to do anything. A link to the post should appear on your home page when you log in.  I also get some stats through LinkedIn about how many have viewed, liked or commented on the post via LinkedIn.

You can also get an RSS feed which will send you an e-mail of each new post the day it is posted. Click on ‘Subscribe to posts’ at the top of the far right column.

Please send me an e-mail if you are having problems with any of these feeds. If there is too much redundancy, my apologies.



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