Sunday, July 14, 2024
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MIT, learning technologies, and developing countries: lessons in technology transfer

  This week I spent three days at the MIT LINC (Learning International Networks Consortium) conference in Boston/Cambridge, Massachusetts, with the theme: 'Realizing the Dream:...

A short critique of the Khan Academy

Bean, E. (2012) Wrath of Khan?: Deconstructing the online learning academy Detroit Web 2.0 Examiner, March 12 Eric Bean is an educator who has signed up...

Pedagogical roles for video in online learning

The underuse of video in post-secondary online learning Video is not being used enough in online learning in post-secondary education. When used it is often...

Rice University develops free online physics textbooks

Smith, M. (2010) Why Pay for Intro Textbooks? Inside Higher Education, February 7 Rice University, using the Connexions platform, is offering online Introductory Physics textbooks...

Teaching science via remote control

Stacey, P. (2011) Teaching science online Musings on the Ed Tech Frontier, October 6 This is a fascinating article about using remote web-based science labs...

Latest issue of IRRODL

Mea culpa, but in the preparations for the holiday season, I let slide by my report on the publication of the latest edition (Vol....

Technology-enabled physics labs

Morrison, J., and Long, P. (2009) The iCampus technology-enabled active learning project at MIT. Innovate Vol. No. 4