This book draws on research and best practice to provide twelve strategies for managing institutional change to ensure the successful use of technology for teaching. Strategies for winning faculty support for teaching with technology, appropriate reward systems, funding innovation and regular operation of technology-based teaching, work-load and cost management, copyright issues, and helping faculty to develop a vision for teaching and learning with technology are all described, as well as advice on appropriate decision-making and reporting structures. The focus throughout is on human factors influencing change.

Managing Technological Change: Strategies For College And University Leaders San Francisco: Jossey Bass/John Wiley

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Also available in
Croatian: Upravljanje Tehnoloskim Promjenama Zagreb: CARNet/Naklada Benja.
Spanish: Comó gestionar el cambio tecnológico: Estrategias para los responsables de centros universitarios Barcelona, Spain: Gedisa


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Executive summary

1. Confronting the technology challenge in universities and colleges
2. Leadership, vision and planning in a post-Fordist organization
3. Planning and managing courses and programs
4. Technology infrastructure and student access
5. Supporting faculty
6. Calculating the costs of teaching with technology
7. Funding strategies, collaboration and competition
8. Organizing for the management of educational technologies
9. Research and evaluation
10. Avoiding the Faustian contract and meeting the technology challenge



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