Despite the huge investments in campus network infrastructures, the most daunting challenge in implementing technology in college teaching is the training of faculty in the use of these new technologies. Key challenges for this critical task are discussed, including such issues as funding, technical and pedagogical training/support, organizational structures, rewards systems, workload issues, multi-institutional collaboration, collective bargaining, and intellectual property. This edited book is based on a series of case-studies of several institutions deep in the trenches of faculty development programs.
Teaching Faculty How To Use Technology: Best Practices From Leading Institutions Westport, CT: American Council on Education: Oryx, 2001 (with Rhonda Epper)

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Also available in Spanish:
Enseñar al profesorado cómo utilizar la tecnología Barcelona: Editorial UOC

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Chapter 1: The New Economy Meets the Ivory Tower Rhonda Epper
Chapter 2: Benchmarking Best Practices in Faculty Instructional Development Marisa martin Brown and Ron Webb, APQC
Chapter 3: Institutionalizing Support for Faculty Use of Technology at the University of Central Florida Joel Hartmann and Barbara Truman-Davis
Chapter 4: The Evolution of Faculty Instructional Development in the Use of Technology at Collège Boreal, Ontario Chantal Pollock, David Fasciano, Louise Gervais-Guy, Daniel Gingras, Raymond Guy, and Renée Hallée
Chapter 5: Designing Advanced Learning Communities: Virginia Tech’s Story Anne H. Moore
Chapter 6: Developing Faculty Use of technology: The Bellevue Community College Experience Kae R. Hutchinson
Chapter 7: The California State University Centre for Distributed Learning Charles Schneebeck and Gerald L. Hanley
Chapter 8: Beyond Button-Pushing: Using Technology to Improve Learning A.W. (Tony) Bates


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