Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Managing Technological Change: Strategies For College And University Leaders

This book draws on research and best practice to provide twelve strategies for managing institutional change to ensure the successful use of technology for...

Teaching Faculty How To Use Technology: Best Practices From Leading Institutions

Despite the huge investments in campus network infrastructures, the most daunting challenge in implementing technology in college teaching is the training of faculty in...

National Strategies For E-Learning In Post-Secondary Education And Training

This booklet, written for educational policy-makers in both more and less economically advanced countries, provides an analysis of the effects of ICTs on education...

Effective Teaching With Technology In Higher Education

The aim of this book is to assist instructors to make the best use of technology for teaching in post-secondary education. To do this,...

Technology, E-Learning And Distance Education

This book is an essential guide on how to choose the right technology at the right cost for a course or program. It is...