The European Distance and e-Learning Network (EDEN) 2009 conference will be in Gdansk, Poland, between 10-13 June, 2009. Its theme is ‘Innovation in Learning Communities’

The announcement states:

‘Europe needs a strategic approach to boost its capacity for creativity for a flexible, competitive and open economy. Pathways to novel solutions must be significantly shortened. In this process, Lifelong Learning and ICT are key boosters of change.

There are important questions to answer:

How to empower innovation within the huge diversity of different learning situations and settings?
How is it possible to measure creativity and innovation in learning systems?
How can we evaluate learning results if traditional learning objectives are not the only ones to be measured?
How to measure collaborative learning efforts?
How to use existing and emerging technologies to create new value for learning?
What are the key drivers for competitiveness and innovation in learning?’

Great questions. Go to Gdansk to find the answers! Click here for more information


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