8th International Conference: “Computer Supported Collaborative Learning”
June 8-13, 2009, University of the Aegean, Rhodes, Greece


The conference is co-organised by the International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS: www.isls.org ) and the University of the Aegean. CSCL 2009 is a major international event, organised biennially by ISLS, which gathers together people involved in all aspects of the field of technology-based collaborative learning, including research, education, training and technology.

The conference theme ‘CSCL Practices’ emphasises practices relating to technology based collaborative learning in three major areas: learning in typical educational institutional structures, learning in every day life, and learning in workplace structures.

CSCL 2009 invites participation from experienced as well as early career researchers, designers, educators, industrial trainers, from various disciplines including education, cognitive, social and educational psychology, didactics, subject matter specialities, computer science, linguistics and semiotics, speech communication, anthropology, sociology, design, etc.

The submission of papers and short papers is now closed. We would like to thank all of you having already submitted related proposals !

Actually, individuals and groups are invited to propose additional Conference events as well as Pre-Conference events. We invite a wide range of events varying in content, aim and structure. The general goal is to offer participants an opportunity to engage in professional exchange in a more active and personal setting. Events should cohere with the conference theme relating to the ways in which technology supports individual, group or community cognition, and how these interactions are affected by the larger societal context. Proposed events can include sessions devoted to learning about specific concepts, methods or techniques, or to furthering our knowledge and understanding through group discussion and problem solving. Innovative format submissions are encouraged.

There is a wide variety of events that you can propose or be involved into:
(I) Included in the main Conference program:
Symposia & Panels
Interactive Events

(II) Included in the Pre-Conference events
Educational Showcases
Seminars (to teachers’ educators or workplace trainers)
Tutorials (to researchers)
Doctoral Consortium
Post-Doc & Early Career Workshop
Note: The accepted proposals of all the above categories will be published in the “CSCL2009 Community Events Proceedings”.

Deadline: December 20, 2008
More info : www.isls.org/CSCL2009
Conference Chair:
Angelique Dimitracopoulou, University of the Aegean, Greece

Program Chairs:
Claire O’Malley, University of Nottingham, UK
Peter Reimann, University of Sidney, Australia
Daniel Suthers, University of Hawai’i, USA

Steering Committee:
Michael Baker, CNRS, France
Jacqueline Bourdeau, University of Quebec, Canada
Yannis Dimitriadis, University of Valladolid, Spain
Lone Dirckinck – Holmfeld, Aalborg University, Denmark
Frank Fischer, University of Munich, Germany
Kai Hakkarainen, University of Helsinki, Finland
Päivi Häkkinen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Christopher Hoadley, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Cindy Hmelo-Silver, Rutgers University, USA
Ulrich Hoppe, University of Duisburg, Germany
Chee-Kit Looi, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Paul Kirschner, Open University, Netherlands
Timothy Koschmann, Southern Illinois University, USA
Nancy Law, University of Hong Kong
Taylor Martin, University of Texas, USA
Chris Quintana, University of Michigan, University, USA
Baruch Schwartz, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Hans Spada, Freiburg University, Germany
Gerry Stahl, Drexel University, USA
Pierre Tchounikine, University of Maine, France
Jody Underwood, Pragmatic Solutions, Inc., USA
Stella Vosniadou, University of Athens, Hellenic Republic (Greece)
Barbara Wasson, University of Bergen, Norway


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