My general policy on this site is NOT to advertise positions, but this message seems to offer particularly attractive opportunities for working in e-learning:

‘I hope that you and your colleagues might be able to help us fill a critical vacancy in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ new Global Learning Centre, to be located in Budapest, Hungary.

I work for the Chief of Staff Development in UNHCR.  We have several “expert” vacancies in our new Learning Solutions cluster focusing on design, new technologies, facilitation and evaluation.  I have attached the post advertisements for you to take a look.  These positions are key to the establishment of the new Global Learning Centre, and represent for us a state of the art centre devoted to staff development and growth, enhanced learning solutions, supporting training providers throughout the organization, and strong advocacy for the development of a learning culture within the agency.

As mentioned, the job descriptions are attached (click here: advert4459v2-11).  Could I possibly ask you to circulate this to anyone you think may have the qualifications and might be interested in applying, or may know others with the right profile?

In addition to the technical skills and experience, we are looking for staff that display creativity with enthusiasm, cross-cultural experience, as well as with strong people and managerial skills.  These are “expert” posts, which have a six-year duration, with an initial contract of 2 years, renewable.

Anyone interested in applying should send a full Curriculum Vitae, along with a cover memo, by e-mail to by the closing date of 12 March 2009.  Full instructions are included

I appreciate any help you can provide.

With best regards,

Wendy Rappeport

Senior Project Manager
Staff Development Section
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
Case Postale 2500
Ch-1211 Geneva Depot 2
Tel: +41 22 739 8796
Fax: +41 22 739 7369


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