SAIDE (2009) SAIDE Launches Policy on Open Educational Resources (OER)

OER Africa has now been adopted as a SAIDE (South African Association of Distance Education) ‘brand’, which comes to incorporate all of SAIDE’s OER-related activities. This will serve to ensure that there is no confusion beyond SAIDE about the relationship between the two, while providing a potentially powerful marketing mechanism for aggregating the substantial OER-related work that SAIDE has done – and continues to undertake. The result of this re-positioning is that:

  1. OER Africa will become SAIDE’s organizing framework for its OER-related activities, with a cluster of relevant SAIDE projects connected to it.
  2. The OER Africa website will be transformed from a project website into SAIDE’s primary online OER vehicle. All online, OER-related activities and resources in which SAIDE is engaged will become primarily accessible through
  3. SAIDE will become a member of the Open CourseWare Consortium and other relevant fora as appropriate in order to ensure that it becomes increasingly connected to networks of common interest in the area of OER.

The full SAIDE policy on OER can be downloaded from the home page of OER Africa.



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