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Online Educa Berlin is one of the largest annual conferences worldwide on e-learning.

It recently published some details about its plans for its 2010 conference, to be held in Berlin between 1-3 December, 2010. at the Hotel Intercontinental, Berlin.

From its website:

Under the banner of Learning for All, ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN 2010 will dig deep into 4 themes that form the pillars of innovation: Learning Content, Learning About Learning, Learning Ecosystems and Learning Environments, which will contribute to successful learning outcomes in the three learning domains: Institutional Learning, Workplace Learning and Lifelong Learning.

The aim of this year’s programme will be to move from discussion to learning, from theory to practical action that leads to systemic change, and from silo or sector mentality to a spirit of sharing and innovation for all. The programme will be structured to ensure that the experiences of those from the 3 learning domains are shared so that each will gain from the other’s experiences.

In addition, the conference will be focusing on practical outcomes – so all proposals will need to address four key questions: What did we do? Why? With what results? With what impact?

For those of you who have never been to Berlin, it’s one of my favourite cities, a great fun city to visit.

The conference is also usually excellent, if more focused on corporate e-learning than most.



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