Sixth EDEN Research workshop


Budapest University of Technology, Budapest, Hungary

Call for Papers

You are invited to submit full proposals (no abstracts are required) for paper presentations in parallel sessions, or posters that relate to one or more of the conference themes. Poster presentations will also be themed and moderated in related panel discussions. For details and format requirements please, visit the respective conference page.

There will also be space in the programme for a limited number of workshops, introducing a more comprehensive theme and for interactive (learning café or cracker barrel) sessions. The maximum number of workshops, cracker-barrel/learning café sessions will be 10 altogether.

Papers should be submitted in English through the online submission form.

Research Questions in Focus

The real value of e-learning, which is questioned for different reasons in different contexts, may be boosted by credible and appropriate evaluation methods and practices. In the context of assessment, the quality dimension is emerging as contribution to the valuation of ICT supported learning, its re-positioning by better evaluation methods.
The quest for added value – how can contribute the new forms of learning, in circumstances of hard socio-economic challenges – is strongly coming forward.
Online assessment techniques are among the hot topics in educational research, as they provide opportunity to assess skills and competences in the context they occur.
Peer production and user-created content are becoming important elements as learners are no longer just consumers, but they actively participate in the process and influence it.
When we evaluate user generated content, quality may be both the result of the interplay between peer production and peer validation process of digital content. The issue of transparency, together with credibility is high on the agenda.

Important deadlines

Deadline for submissions – 23 August
Deadline for later submissions – 5 September
Notification of authors: 6 September and
15 September (for later submittors)  and Economics

Registration opens: 1 September


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