JISC, UK – the nearest equivalent in North America is EDUCAUSE – is running an online conference: Innovating e-Learning 2010 Online Conference
Bringing innovation to life: From adversity comes opportunity
between November 23-26, 2010.

Many conference sessions will be presented live in Elluminate. Each session will also have an associated asynchronous discussion group. There will also be a web site with additional content. Each live session will be recorded, and available for viewing shortly after it finishes. Some sessions will not be presented live, but will be in some other format, e.g. a paper, podcast, wiki, PowerPoint with notes and/or audio, etc. These will also have their own discussion area within the conference. There will be online homework to do before each session. Each session will run or last for 48 hours.

The cost of participating is £50 (about $80, although if you wait, it might be a lot less as the pound is dropping so fast against the dollar!).

The content looks excellent and hats off to JISC for DOING THE RIGHT THING, walking the talk, etc..

I will be participating asynchronously, about 10 hours behind, as the sessions start at 8.30 am UK time, which is 12.30 at night for those of us living on the edge of the world and I’m not a morning (in this case a really early morning) person – but think of the saved carbon footprint (not really, as I wouldn’t have travelled for it). However, I hope you’ll join me and all the others in virtual space.

Tony at his computer


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