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Kamloops with Thompson Lake

This is a bit of a scoop for TRU, which now offers the only fully distant open university program from a British Columbian institution. (TRU inherited the Open University of BC from the now sadly missed Open Learning Agency – the least of the disasters instigated by our BC neo-con Liberal government, and nothing compared to the crooked sale of BC Rail, but still regrettable).


Subject: Conference: Debating the Digital Future of Higher Education
Keynote by Pulitzer-Prize Nominee, Anya Kamenetz


Thompson Rivers University is proud to announce a one-day conference on “The Digital Future of Higher Education,” Feb. 22, 2011, in Kamloops.


Beautiful Kamloops, about one hour by plane from Vancouver. Great skiing nearby, but take warm underwear – it can be cold.

The conference
Understanding the digital future of higher education is not so much about the latest Web 2.0 and “net generation” trends as it is about the confluence of a wide range of factors –economic and political as well as technological and demographic. This conference provides an opportunity to explore questions raised by these interrelated developments, particularly as they relate to the future of colleges and new universities in British Columbia and beyond. The conference will also address the open and technically-mediated teaching that institutions, whether new or established, are increasingly expected to provide.

Keynote presentations from international experts will be featured, including Anya Kamenetz, author of DIY University, and Professor Michael A. Peters, author of Knowledge Economy, Development and the Future of Higher Education. These presentations will be combined with discussion and debates involving researchers, practitioners and audience members, with reflections and responses from decision makers and stakeholders rounding out the day.

Key information
Check out the Website (, mark your calendars, and register! (Early bird registration starts from only $99; see:

Main contact:
Norm Friesen
Canada Research Chair in E-Learning Practices
Thompson Rivers University
office  +1 250 852 6256
mobile +1 250 574 3620

Photo of Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University - in the summer!



    Tony and all: This article is of interest wrt the future of universities; it is a recent proposal in England to radically defund universities and to make them commercial.

    Scary, not because it is Hallowe’ed Eve. But this comes from the leadership of a world power about how universities could/should be run in future. Its not specifically about technology or online ed. but about the very being of higher ed and so I thought it worthy of note. Educator, be ware.

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