Roscoria, T. (2011) CSU System Shares e-Book Pilot Results Converge March 14

This reports on a large pilot with nearly 4,000 students across seven different campuses. In the pilot, 73 percent of students rented digital textbooks, at a cost of roughly one third that of buying a print copy.

Despite this, only one third of students who responded to a questionnaire indicated that they were satisfied with the experience.

“That satisfaction has to be significantly improved,” Hanley [the project evaluator] said. “You can’t have a third dissatisfied and a third neutral and only have a third like it.”

Obviously still a work in progress. My comment is that the student experience is unlikely to improve until texts are designed specifically for digital use, with video, activities, hot-links, and the ability to annotate all incorporated. It looks like most publishers still don’t get it.


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