Tony Bates, CEO, Skype

You probably know that Microsoft has bought Skype for an obscene amount of money. When the news broke on Tuesday, my web site went wild with the largest number of hits ever. In my e-mail were several passionate pleas not sell out to Microsoft.

Now those who know me well will be dismayed to know that there is more than one Tony Bates. Another one is the CEO of Skype. We are completely different people, as far as I know (although my mother was from South Wales, and so is the other Tony Bates and my father was stationed there during the Second World War. But the rest is sheer co-incidence).

As it happens, I am dismayed as the next person about this acquisition, but honest, I had nothing to do with it. It was my doppelganger, my dark side.


The other Tony Bates (me!)



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