The next European Distance Education and e-learning Network (EDEN) conference in Porto, Portugal has a very interesting theme: ‘Closing the gap from Generation Y to the Mature Lifelong Learners’.

Where: Alfândega do Porto Congress Center, Oporto, Portugal

When: 6-9 June, 2012

What: In times of great challenges for Europe, all generations are called to act together, thus also to learn, to produce, share and preserve knowledge. The 2012 European Year of Active Ageing and the Solidarity Between Generations serves as framework for raising awareness, generating innovative approaches and disseminating good practice.

The EDEN Annual Conference will approach the key questions of learning methodology and technology focusing on the “Open learning generations”, the contexts of socially significant target groups: junior and senior e-learners. We will explore their learning cultures, technology use patterns and discuss new approaches in pedagogy and andragogy that respond to them.’

Deadline for papers: 10 February, 2012

More details: Go to

Comment: Given an average unemployment rate of 25% for young people between the age of 18-25 across Europe, and as high as 45% in Portugal and Spain, this is a timely topic.

EDEN conferences are usually excellent, combining high quality presentations, strong networking and interesting cultural and social activities.

The port and excellent local wines should appeal to those of us who are ‘Mature Lifelong Learners’; the lively night life in the city will attract the younger crowd – and the wonderful Portuguese friendliness and hospitality will suit both crowds!



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