I will be offering through Contact North five new webinars based on ‘Teaching in a Digital Age’:

During the first 25 minutes of each interactive webinar, I will offer insights, practical advice and guidelines on the topic. The remaining 30 minutes is a moderated question and answer and discussion session with me. My aim is to draw as much on the knowledge and experience of the participants on these topics as on my own experience.
I do recommend though that before each seminar you should have read the relevant chapter for each topic (listed below):
Seminar 1: Developing New Skills: really the whole book, but particularly Chapter 1.2; Chapter 3.5; Chapter
Seminar 2: Designing blended learning: Chapter 10
Seminar 3: Choosing Technologies: Chapter 7; Chapter 8: Chapter 9
Seminar 4: Immersive Technologies: Chapter 8.7b

Seminar 5: AI and Learning Analytics in HE: Chapter 8.7c

This is a chance for those who have read or are reading the book to raise questions, provide advice, learn from others, and interact directly with me. I hope you will join me.

To register, please go to:

Seminar 1: https://aempublish.contactnorth.ca/content/connect/c1/7/en/events/event/shared/default_template/event_landing.html?connect-session=breezeanz335enmitaxkw&sco-id=16325195&_charset_=utf-8

Seminar 2: https://aempublish.contactnorth.ca/content/connect/c1/7/en/events/event/shared/default_template/event_landing.html?connect-session=breez3eykz4srwrpcbgiy&sco-id=16529159&_charset_=utf-8

Seminar 3: https://aempublish.contactnorth.ca/content/connect/c1/7/en/events/event/shared/default_template/event_landing.html?connect-session=breez3eykz4srwrpcbgiy&sco-id=16545078&_charset_=utf-8

Seminar 4: https://aempublish.contactnorth.ca/content/connect/c1/7/en/events/event/shared/default_template/event_landing.html?connect-session=breez3eykz4srwrpcbgiy&sco-id=16545185&_charset_=utf-8

Seminar 5: https://aempublish.contactnorth.ca/content/connect/c1/7/en/events/event/shared/default_template/event_landing.html?connect-session=breez3eykz4srwrpcbgiy&sco-id=16545431&_charset_=utf-8


  1. Hi Tony,
    Thank you for making yourself available for this series; an amazing opportunity.
    A query though… I have registered for the first webinar using the URL at the end of your post. But the links for the remaining webinars (“Register here”) are embedded in the image as https://www.tonybates.ca/wp-content/uploads/Screen-Shot-2020-02-24-at-2.47.52-PM.png.
    Can you post the links to the remaining webinars please? With thanks.
    Kind regards


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