One unwelcome side-effect of doing a second edition is that the translations into the seven other different language versions (Chinese, Farsi, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese) were all done based on the first edition (2015) and have yet to be updated to the second edition (2019).

However, the first version is now ‘retired’ (at least from the BCcampus site) and the translations have therefore been difficult if not impossible to find. BCcampus has been helping me make these accessible again.

The easiest way to access the translations is to go directly to the new web page that lists them:

However, for those who search for a translation of ‘Teaching in a Digital Age’ through the BCcampus Open Textbook main site, the BCcampus search page will take you to the second edition page. Once there they will need to:

This is still a little complicated but it enables access to the translations for those willing to do due diligence.

I have been blown away by the number of people who have come forward and volunteered to do the seven translations (Japanese is also on its way). It was an enormous amount of work for the volunteers. Nevertheless I am hoping that eventually the translations will get updated, as it is not a major job. All the changes in the second edition are in green type and are mostly additions to the first edition.

In the meantime the translations of the first edition are still in heavy use, and the first edition contains most of the information needed, so it is important that they remain as accessible as possible. If you have been using a translation, or are wishing to access a translation, and are still having difficulties, please let me know at


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