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Resources to support special education students studying online

Continuing my theme of inequity arising from the switch from in-person to emergency remote learning, one group of children/students particularly affected are those with...

Equity and online learning: practical design steps

Sator, A. and Williams, H. (2020) Removing Barriers to Online Learning Through a Teaching and Learning Lens Victoria BC: BCcampus/ABLE Research Consultants Equity and online...

Rethinking the purpose of online learning: 3. Supporting disadvantaged learners

This is the third post in a series on rethinking the purpose of online learning. In the first post, I discussed Ontario's strategy of...

Book review: A History of the Open University

Weinbren, D. (2105) The Open University: A History Manchester: Manchester University Press/The Open University, 274 pp + notes, £18.99, C$31.61, US$22.30 (paperback edition) Why you...

Ease of use as a criterion for technology selection in online learning

I felt myself cringing as I wrote this section for my book on 'Teaching in a Digital Age'. Talk about do what I say...

The Victoria, Australia website on iPads for Learning

I am making two exceptions with this post. I don't normally cover k-12 (too large an area and too different from post-secondary education), and...

Aggregated resources on online learning and the visually impaired

(Updated, 21 April, 2021) On August 23, 2010, I posted about online learning and students with disabilities. In the post, I asked readers for suggestions...

Kindle and the Blind

'The National Federation of the Blind and the American Council of the Blind are suing Arizona State University for its use of the Amazon...