The third edition of Teaching in a Digital Age is now available from here:

I have exported in several formats and made it public. The ISBN number for the web version is 978-0-9952692-7-9.

The book has been up-dated to take account of the impact of the pandemic on teaching and learning, and with more emphasis for those in k-12 education to balance the post-secondary focus.

There is also a version published for translators and instructors using it as a text book. It has different colours in the text so that changes from the previous versions can be easily identified. 

A third version was needed for a number of reasons.

  • any book on digital and online learning needs updating regularly; the second edition is already three years old
  • Covid-19 had a huge impact on teaching and learning, and the new version takes account of these developments
  • the book was originally intended for post-secondary instructors, but it has also been very popular for teacher education courses. The third edition pays more attention to some of the specific issues in using digital and online learning in this sector
  • urls!!!! You would not believe the number of online links that go dead. Often the publication is available but has moved to another site with no information or forwarding link. I estimate that I have had to change about 500 urls in the third edition – that’s within three years.

The significant content changes are as follows:

  • a new section Chapter 1, Section 9, on the impact of Covid-19
  • new developments in MOOCs (such as the expansion in China and India)
  • a new chapter (Chapter 9) dedicated to emerging technologies
  • a major re-write of Chapter 7, Section 4, to take account of the differences between synchronous and asynchronous learning
  • a couple of scenarios and more examples from the k-12 sector
  • inclusion of relevant new publications between 2018-2022.

For most readers these won’t be significant changes from any previous edition, but it does mean the book is up to date – at least for another year or so. Happy reading!




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