September 20, 2018

CAUCE-CNIE conference, 2016: Education 3.0

No, not that Waterloo! Image: Wikipedia Artist: William Sadler

No, not that Waterloo!
Image: Wikipedia
Artist: William Sadler

What: TARGET: EDUCATION 3.0, Possibilities at The Nexus of Pedagogy, Technology and Access

Creative pedagogy coupled with openly shared digital resources are inspiring educators to explore new paths. This conference will spur conversations about current innovations as well as the implications and opportunities for future innovations.

Who: (CAUCE) Canadian Association of University Continuing Education and (CNIE) the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education

When: May 30, June 2, 2016

Where: Waterloo, Ontario

How: The call for presentations has been extended to January 11, 2016. Click here for more information.

There is no information to date on the web site about fees, registration, actual conference location or accommodation. (Hence my choice of graphic.)


I realise that this is a conference primarily for members of CAUCE and CNIE, but it is frankly unrealistic to expect people to commit to a paper or presentation with such little information.

This should be a major national conference for educational technology and online learning in Canada, and consequently I would expect the advance information to be better. There are many other good conferences around the same time, and although the theme for this conference is promising, it might be safer to choose an alternative if for financial reasons you have to make a conference commitment fairly soon.

CNIE 2015 conference in Winnepeg

The Red River, near the Forks, Winnipeg (my own photo)

The Red River, near the Forks, Winnipeg (my own photo)

What: The CAUCE-CNIE Conference: Beyond Diversity: Learning and Working in an Inclusive World

Conference Themes:

  • dialoguing on human rights
  • creating access to education
  • embracing inclusivity.

When: May 27-29, 2015

Where: Inn at the Forks, Winnipeg, Manitoba (Winnipeg = Muddy Water in Cree.)


  • Canadian Association of University Continuing Education
  • Canadian Network for Innovation in Education
  • University of Manitoba

Keynote speakers

  • Ovide Mercredi
  • Stephen Murgatroyd


  • Closing date for Early Bird registration: March 31 (Tuesday) – so get cracking!
  • To register, click here

How much:

The conference fee will be $650 for registration by March 31, $700 afterwards. Conference fee includes all meals, Gala dinner and dance


This is the first time I believe that CAUCE and CNIE have organised a joint conference.

An interesting and topical theme, given recent events in Winnipeg, and for a long time across Canada, regarding violence against aboriginal women.

I would like to have attended but I will be on holiday in Europe at this time.

CNIE awards for excellence in the use of learning technologies

CNIE 2015 2

Now the writing for my book has finished, I’ll gradually continue with the previous service for this blog.

The Canadian Network for Innovation in Education is one of the main bodies representing those working in online learning and educational technology in Canada. My guess is that the awards will be awarded at the CNIE/CAUSE conference in Winnipeg, May 27-29.

Please respond to CNIE, not me.

CNIE Awards Festival

The one clear objective for the CNIE Awards Festival is:

To recognize excellence in the innovative educational practice and use of learning technologies in all educational settings including distributed learning, open/distance education, and institutional contexts including government, commercial and or industrial sectors, both nationally and internationally, through a competition adjudicated by a committee of professional peers from across Canada

The Awards

Two different CNIE categories are open to competition. They are:
·        Awards Festival []
·        Graduate Student Award []

Online Submissions

The deadline date for submission to the Awards Festival program is 27 March 2015.  For more details please see the CNIE website (

All proposal are submitted online at

If you have any questions about the submissions process, please e-mail:
Helena Fehr at
Tim Howard, CNIE Secretariat, at


RCIÉ Festival des prix

Le Festival des prix du RCIÉ vise un objectif très précis :

Reconnaître l’excellence dans les pratiques pédagogiques et l’utilisation innovante des technologies éducatives dans tous les contextes incluant les cours hybrides, la formation ouverte et à distance et les divers contextes institutionnels, à l’échelle nationale et internationale, par l’entremise d’un concours évalué par un comité de professionnels en éducation du Canada.


Deux catégories de prix du RCIÉ sont ouvertes aux compétiteurs. Les catégories sont :

·         Festival des prix
·         Prix pour les étudiants diplômés

Soumission en ligne

La date limite pour les soumissions finales est le 27 mars 2015. Pour plus d’information, consultez le site du RCIÉ à :

Veuillez acheminer vos formulaires et documents de soumission en format électronique à :

Pour toute question en regard avec le processus de soumission d’un projet, communiquez par courriel avec :
Helena Fehr à
Tim Howard, Directeur de l’administration,

Instructional design, the academy and industry: a ‘blended’ event

image © eLearning Industry Companies, 2013

image © eLearning Industry Companies, 2013

What: The Academy and Industry: Exploring Instructional Design Roles

In a professional discipline, sometimes there can be uneasy tensions between those in the Academy (i.e. professors and researchers) and those in industry. This collaborative event will attempt to highlight some of the tensions that exist in instructional design. How do I.D. practices and conditions differ in the Academy vs in the corporate sector? How important is it to keep up with current research? What value is placed on formal credentials, or practical experience? Join us in our discussion online, and attend the culminating panel session.

Who: CNIE (Canadian Network for Innovation) + CAID (Canadian Association of Instructional Designers – ACCP en français)

When and how:

CNIE 2014 conference: Confluences: Spaces, Places & Cultures for Innovative Learning



What: The Canadian Network for Innovation in Education annual conference:

CNIE affiliated institutions are comprehensive, blending academic, professional and vocational cultues through both face to face and distance delivery modes, serving a vibrant and diverse student population. The confluence of these diverse elements has created synergy and innovative learning opportunities.

 Through this conference, we provide an avenue to explore and discuss the innovative learning that can arise when various elements come together. Explore your own confluences of spaces, places and cultures and the creativity they bring to the learning process.

For a report of last year’s CNIE conference in Ottawa, click here

Where: Beautiful Kamloops in the interior of British Columbia, (near) where the mighty Thompson and Fraser Rivers meet. Thompson Rivers University, the home of BC Open Learning, is the host.

When: May 13-16, 2014

Who: Keynote speakers include:

How: Registration does not yet appear to be open. For more details go to: The cost by taxi from Vancouver though is $750 (I know, I’ve done it), so I suggest you fly in or take Via Rail (highly recommended if you have the time and money)

Call for proposals: Click here for details, but the deadline fo abstracts is February 14, so get cracking

View from Kamloops airport, winter

View from Kamloops airport, winter