eLearning Africa (2009)  ‘eLearning Helps to Promote Ethics in Medical Research’ eLearning Africa newsletter, Feb, No. 3

TRREE for Africa is a capacity-building initiative on the ethics of research involving humans that is conducted in African countries. TRREE provides basic web-based training on all issues that concern medical ethics.

Until now, the project group, which involves partners from six African countries, Canada, Germany and Switzerland has developed three text-based training modules. Trainees approach issues such as regulation of research, are provided with an overview of the history of medical research, learn what is necessary to draft research protocols and, finally, learn about the practical application of their protocols for ethical review in a specific country. So far, there are country oriented modules available for Mali, Cameroon, Tanzania and Switzerland. The eLearning resources will be accessible free-of-charge through the TRREE website from the end of February on. Participants will receive a certificate via e-mail after successfully completing the three course modules.

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