Cambridge, D., Cambridge, B. and Yancey, K. (2009) Electronic Portfolios 2.0 Sterling, VA: Stylus Publishing

From the publisher’s blurb:

The contributors to this book..have undertaken research on how eportfolios influence learning and the learning environment for students, faculty members, and institutions…This book features emergent results of studies from 20 institutions that have examined effects on student reflection, integrative learning, establishing identity, organizational learning, and designs for learning supported by technology. It also describes how institutions have responded to multiple challenges in eportfolio development, from engaging faculty to going to scale.’

For a summary of main conclusions, see:

Yancey, K. and Cambridge, D. (2009) Making Common Cause: Electronic Portfolios, Learning, and the Power of Community Academic Commons, January 9

‘Here, excerpting from the conclusion to this volume, we consider how electronic portfolios provide a vehicle for a transition into the future of higher education.’

Possible book  review to come.


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