Briggs, L. (2009) Massive IT overhaul helps Ivy Tech handle growth Campus Technology, October 29

This is an example of how IT can increase cost-effectiveness, this time mainly on the administrative side. Many two year colleges in the same state or province use Banner or a similar common system as their major student information management and financial system, yet every institution makes its own contract with the vendor and pays for its own installation and adaptation.

Ivy Tech is a collection of two year colleges in Indiana, and has the advantage of a centralised board of governors. This has enabled a complete overhaul of not just the software but more importantly, their business processes. Standardising the way the colleges do their administration has enabled the system to handle a 45 per cent increase in enrollments without having to increase tuition fees.

However, they still needed to spend $35 million on the overhaul. I wonder what the cost would have been if they had used an open source system such as Kuali.


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