BCIT (2009) BCIT launches The CUBE: Centre for the use of 3D simulation technology taking teaching and learning to a new level Vancouver BC: BCIT, November 2

Here in Vancouver, the British Columbia Institute of Technology (a polytechnic anywhere else), is now using 3D simulation technology for aeronautical engineering and health education, with substantial investment ($1.35 million) from the private sector.

I see this as a particularly important step forward in developing high quality educational simulations. I just hope that BCIT can find research money to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of this initiative, as this is a development with much wider significance, particularly if there are possibilities to transfer design principles to other applications.

In the meantime, congratulations to Chris Golding, Mark Bullen and the others in BCIT’s Learning and Teaching Centre for launching this exciting initiative with their partners, Lockheed Martin and NGrain Corporation.



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