Thanks to Natasha Boskic for this:

Doh, J. (2010). Centian is looking forward to playing with humans again. ARGNet, Alternate Reality Gaming Network, February 14, 2010.

Similar to the previously announced EVOKE, this ARG plunges right into 2.0 technologies and spreads on all fronts, starting with information notes posted on twitter, inviting players to ning community and following by text updates via cell phones. And that is not all:

Bogost, I. (2010). Mel Brooks, Ontologist: from Videogaming Illustrated, October 1982. February 15, 2010

Ian Bogost posted in his blog a very interesting newspaper article from 1982 (found by one of his students). It is always fun to read what people thought about something, in this case video games, and what they predicted would happen in the future:

Alex Galloway, the author of Gaming: Essays on algorithmic culture (mentioned in the references section), is going to give a lecture at the NYU Game Centre on Philosophy and Games on February 18, 2010:

Agent SureFire Infosec is a simulation to train office managers, executives or all staff about security of information and how to protect it in an office environment. It received a number of awards and it is a candidate for Best in eLearning category at the 2010 Digital Media Award in Ireland. The winner will be announced at the end of February:

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